Dearest Misogyny: Stop Blaming Rape on My Choice of Clothing.

We get it. Our skirts are short therefore we’re asking to get attacked.


We live in a time where even unforgivable things like rape will be blamed on us, the women. Well I call bullshit. I’m a female, get over it. I have tits and an ass and I’ll be damned if I don’t want to show that off sometimes. My skirts might be high, but that doesn’t mean I deserve to be sexually harassed by the male that’s unable to keep his hands to himself and his dick in his pants. Instead of teaching young women to hide themselves, we should be teaching these boys that they’re actions are wrong. When i was six, in kindergarten, and a little boy hit me it was because “he had a crush on me”. We do not need to be teaching our little girls that if a boy hits on them, it means they like them. It’s making our girls think that they’re allowed to be hit on and it’s making our boys think it’s okay to do the hitting. Boys will not be boys. Boys will be rapists, perverts, sexual assaulters, and more if they’re just slapped on the wrist every time they’re proven to have done something wrong. So dear Misogyny, stop telling me my attack is my fault.